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A Bloody Mess Vampire Soap:

 A Bloody Mess Vampire Soap - BathFromTheDead.comI’ll tell you what, working the night shift is horrible!    While the rest of you get to catch up on your beauty sleep, I’m out fumbling around in the dark trying to find my next bloody meal. Don’t look so startled…it’s just as an expression we use here in England.  If having a bunch of horribly acted teen flicks about you isn’t bad enough, try having to turn down camping every weekend with your family because you don’t trust anyone with a tent stake in their hands.  Though the stresses of life can cause any vampire to want to trade their fangs in for some dentures and a nice spot at the beach, there is always one treasure I enjoy coming home to…my bar of A Bloody Mess Vampire Soap.

The revitalizing blood orange smell awakes my senses and reminds me that I am half alive.  After a days work out in the forest, it is nice to wash the blood off my hands.  I just slip into the bath, grab a nice book, and enjoy the citrus scents from the soap.  On days when I want to be extra clean, I add some rose scented bath salts.  These bath salts turn my water a nice pink color for A Bloody Bath.  Hey, a girls got to relax sometimes!  I especially like to bathe in the products from Bath From The Dead when I’m going out on a special date with Vince.  I know he likes the smell of blood, but blood and orange…a man can’t resist!Pick up a bar of A Bloody Mess Vampire Soap today.- Lady Vamp Vanessa