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Frankenstein Shockingly Clean Bar Soap

Frankenstein Shocking Clean Soap - BathFromTheDead.com

Ok, so most of you know me as that green guy with a dodgy haircut and a couple of bolts in my neck.  I’m sure you may have even dressed up as me for Halloween.  No, I’m not talking about Kermit that green little frog. It’s me…Frankenstein!  Technically that was not even my original name, […]

A Bloody Mess Vampire Soap:

A Bloody Mess Vampire Soap - BathFromTheDead.com

I’ll tell you what, working the night shift is horrible!    While the rest of you get to catch up on your beauty sleep, I’m out fumbling around in the dark trying to find my next bloody meal. Don’t look so startled…it’s just as an expression we use here in England.  If having a bunch […]

How’l at the Moon

Howl'n At The Moon - Bathfromthedead.com

Have you ever had those days where you just raise your paws and ask, “How’l was I supposed to know?”  It’s such a dog eat dog world out there we often forget to take a break from the pack, turn off our moon gauges, and just relax.  Trust me, I enjoy a good jaunt through the woods as much as the next Canidae, but sometimes a wolf has got to do […]

Novelty Soap That is, Well, Novel


Ah, the holidays. I feel all tingly when I think of opening my eyes early on Christmas morn – there is always a stocking, loving laid at the foot of my bed, and this year I am so hoping that it will be from Zombie Claus. Who is Zombie Claus you ask?  Zombie Claus is […]

ZOMBIE BATH SALTS – IN THE NEWS AGAIN Bath From the Dead’s New Product

bathsalts with towel

June 19, 2012 Carlsbad, CA Bath From The Dead announces the birth of their new product, zombie bath salts. Fresh out of Carlsbad, CA these bath salts will provide every zombie with ultimate relaxation. If you still are hesitant of bath salts, listen to a personal testimony from Zombie Zan. “Let’s face it; being a […]