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Frankenstein Shockingly Clean Bar Soap

Frankenstein Shocking Clean Soap - BathFromTheDead.comOk, so most of you know me as that green guy with a dodgy haircut and a couple of bolts in my neck.  I’m sure you may have even dressed up as me for Halloween.  No, I’m not talking about Kermit that green little frog. It’s me…Frankenstein!  Technically that was not even my original name, but people began calling me that because I was the star of a movie with the same name.  I often ask myself why I couldn’t have been in a movie with a nice, normal name…like Troy or Cool Hand Luke.

What people don’t realize is that I’m actually pretty sensitive.  I’m rather shy at parties, I enjoy cooking in my spare time, and the only reason I had that indistinguishable grunt when you first met me was because my mouth was completely numb from getting 2 cavities filled right before filming. Believe it or not, behind this tough exterior is a some dry, sensitive skin.  That is why I need a soap that keeps me not only clean, but free of irritation as well.

Introducing my new line, Shockingly Clean. My skin is deeply cleaned and soft to the touch thanks to this organic blend of  moisturizing oils, peppermint, and wheat grass.   One bar lasts quite a well I might add.

People with poor hygiene gross me out, so don’t be one of those people.  Give your skin a gentle boost while maintaining a fresh scent. Try Shockingly Clean, it works!

Also, if you ever get a chance to star in a movie, choose one with a decent title. Take my word on that as well.