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How’l at the Moon

Howl'n At The Moon - Bathfromthedead.comHave you ever had those days where you just raise your paws and ask, “How’l was I supposed to know?”  It’s such a dog eat dog world out there we often forget to take a break from the pack, turn off our moon gauges, and just relax.  Trust me, I enjoy a good jaunt through the woods as much as the next Canidae, but sometimes a wolf has got to do what a wolf has got to do.  Around this time of year, I’m ready to cash in some vacation time, grab the old fishing poles, and make my way somewhere nice. I really like Nova Scotia, but everyone there always mistakes me for coyote since I’ve grown out my beard, and that is just plain rude.  Sometimes I think it was better in my days of yore. Terrifying humans and outdoor karaoke was all I had to worry about then.

Bath From The Dead‘s new How‘l at the Moon soap reminds me of those days. It’s Citrus scent is exciting, like the moment right before you introduce yourself to some unsuspecting campers.  The soap’s smooth, crisp feeling is thanks to a mischievously good blend of oils including orange, tangerine, and rose hips.  It is really something you can sink your canines into!  Having a 4 ounce bar of this in your bath tub will have anyone howling with excitement...even you humans.

But word to the wise, just stop trying to imitate us wolves.  You’re lousy at it and it makes us feel like we are constantly surrounded by people watching reruns of Home Improvement.

– Walter The Wolf