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Novelty Soap That is, Well, Novel

Ah, the holidays. I feel all tingly when I think of opening my eyes early on Christmas morn – there is always a stocking, loving laid at the foot of my bed, and this year I am so hoping that it will be from Zombie Claus. Who is Zombie Claus you ask?  Zombie Claus is the jolly old man who provides gifts to the person who has a place in their heart for the undead zombies.

Last year, I found three individually wrapped bars of soap in my stocking. Humming Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, I happily unwrapped a bar of Zombie Bath Soap one and really lathered up during my Christmas morning shower. I dressed and walked downstairs. My grandmother hugged me, and then sniffed me and asked if I had been running through a forest of trees. And later my mom asked if I’d spilled rosemary on myself when I was making the prime rib. Everyone laughed and my face turned the precise shade of red that Santa wears.

So, Zombie Claus, I am grateful for the soap but not for smelling like a cookie. As I reached into my Zombie Claus Stocking  I found there were more treats to help me smell a little better.  One item included Zombie Bath Salts. Now I know I will keep this item handy for when I have a long day at work and want to soak away my troubles in the tub.  Maybe it will take me to zombie-land and off to bed.

Zombie Claus was also kind to my naughty sister Freda. She got a girl zombie soap called Fresh From the Grave.  She thought her gift was appropriate since she sometimes doesn’t smell fresh and clean. She spends her days playing ice hockey in the winter.  Sometimes I think my sister is a zombie because when I try to talk to her she doesn’t respond and I sometimes hear her at night moaning “brrraaaaiiiinnnnssss.”

So I write this letter to Zombie Claus this year:

Dear Mr. Zombie Claus,

I have not killed any zombies this year!  I did participate in the ZombieWalk to help raise awareness of the undead.  I still think Freda might be a zombie. Her last boyfriend was weird and had a green look to him.  It would be great if you could give me another zombie gift stocking.  This time maybe it could be filled with unique zombie candy!

I know you are busy and stuff, helping out zombies.

Merry Bloody Christmas,